Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Top 25 Week 9 Shake Up In College Football

In the USA Today Coaches Poll the LSU Tigers are No. 1 after the Oklahoma Sooners loss to Texas Tech on Saturday. The Alabama Crimson Tide are now No. 2 and Oklahoma has fallen to No. 9.  LSU and Alabama will play each other November 5th in Tuscaloosa and the winner will likely take over the top spot in the BCS Poll. Arkansas, South Carolina and Georgia all find their way into this week's rankings, giving the SEC five schools in the Top 25. The ACC is represented by No. 6 Clemson and No. 15 Virginia Tech, while the Big East also has two teams ranked, No. 23 Cincinnati and No. 24 West Virginia. Texas Tech, on the strength of their upset win over the Sooners, jumps into the rankings at No. 22. Michigan State's miracle win over Wisconsin bumped the Spartans to No. 10 in this week's poll, one spot above, you guessed it, the Badgers.
Here's the full USA Today Coaches Poll top 25 for Week 9:
2 Alabama
3 Stanford
4 Oklahoma State
5 Boise State
6 Clemson
7 Oregon
8 Arkansas
9 Oklahoma
10 Michigan State
11 Wisconsin
12 Kansas State
13 Nebraska
14 South Carolina
15 Virginia Tech
16 Texas A&M
17 Michigan
18 Houston
19 Penn State
20 Arizona State
21 Georgia
22 Texas Tech
23 Cincinnati
24 West Virginia
25 Southern Miss.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 10 Stays The Same In Week 7 NCAA Top 25

Released this week was the Associated Press Top 25 poll, with not one team making a move in the top ten for Week 7. Oregon remained 9th in the polls after the whooping the gave Cal. Even though the Oklahoma Sooners were voted number one in the USA Today and the Coaches Poll after a huge victory over rival Texas, the AP saw it differently and placed the LSU Tigers at the top in College Football this week, while puting Oklahoma third.

LSU dominated Florida by 30 points in Saturday's game and gave good reason for the nuber one raking by the AP. Even so did Alabama and Oklahoma, after the Crimson Tide shut out Vanderbilt 34-0 and the Sooners dominated the Texas Longhorns 55-17. The Wisconsin Badgers stayed in fourth place while on a bye week, while Oklahoma State, Stanford, and Clemson all had big wins to keep their spots in the top 10. The Arkansas Razorbacks round out the top 10.

Curiously, theres not a single team from the state of Florida in the top 25. Florida, Florida State and Miami all are outside the rankings for the first time since 1982.